A woman on Tik Tok outted her boyfriend who hadn’t washed his pillows in 10 years

While many social media users were horrified, most people don’t wash or change their bedding, much less their pillows, as often as they should.
The brown, stained pillows full of dead skin cells and decades worth of night sweats were finally washed clean with a large dose of bleach.


Why you need to wash your pillows

Dirty pillows aren’t just gross, they’re also a health hazard. The close contact your dirty pillow has with your skin means you your skin and hair become dirty every time you rest your hair on your pillow.
You can see the results of this in clogged pores, skin rashes and pimples.

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The dirt and particles in your pillow can also affect your sinus and respiratory system.

How to wash your pillows

Depending on what your pillows are stuffed with, you may lose some fluff with every wash making your pillows less fluffy, less comfortable and shortening their lifespan with every wash.
This could tempt you int not washing your pillows at all. Here is how to wash your cotton and synthetic fibre stuffed pillows.

  1. Remove your pillows from their pillowcases
  2. Put pillows in the washing machine or tub and wash with detergent as you would a blanket
  3. Rinse your pillows well. Make sure there is no soap left in them
  4. If drying pillows in a dryer (this works best), put a tennis ball in the dryer for every pillow (choose tennis balls that will not shed)
  5. If you are air-drying your pillows, do not hang them up ( this will pull all the stuffing to the bottom) rather attach all four corners to your washing line so that your pillow is horizontal. If you can’t do this, lay your pillow outside and make sure it dries on both sides.
  6. Make sure your pillow dries through, fluffing it as you check.


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