Opening jars can be hard, especially if the jar has never been opened before

While heaps of spinach helped Popey get things done, these handy hacks will help you open jars quicker and easier.

Heat the lid

heating the lid of a jar can make it expand and make it easier to open.
Put the jar lid down in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes then use a dry cloth to try to open it.
This may make it easier to open a tightly closed jar.

Break the seal

Vacuum sealed jars (with the pop-top) can be harder to open before the seal is broken.
Break the seal and let some air into the jar by gently forcing a butter knife between the lid and jar to break the seal and make the jar easier to open.

Tapping the lid with a spoon can also help you break the vacuum seal on a jar. To check if the vacuum seal has been broken check the pop-top.

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Get a grip

Get a better grip on the lid of the jar and the jar itself and make sure you are twisting the jar and lid in opposite directions.
Slippery hands or a slippery jar could make it harder to open the jar and can also make you drop the jar so it will open, just not the way you want.


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While heaps of spinach helped Popey get things done, these handy hacks will help you open jars quicker and easier.

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