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Many people casually claim to be suffering from migraines they are actually just suffering from a headache

Although migraines can be as fleeting severe headache, they can also be a medical emergency and the first sign of a fatal condition. 

Life-threatening migraine emergency

According to, migraines can be more than just uncomfortable, they can also be deadly. 

Although most migraine sufferers have learned to tolerate the pain, getting a quick diagnosis and treatment can help you rule out “killer headaches.”

The myth that migraines can cause stroke cannot be confirmed, but research into sudden death after complaining of a headache has shown that proper treatment and diagnosis of severe headaches could prevent death. 

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When should you worry about headaches? 

Not all headaches lead to death, and most times, a headache could be caused by passing illness with no long-term effects. 

Being able to tell the difference between a headache and a life-threatening migraine could actually save your life. 

Severe headaches that last for more than 72 hours

Even though your headache could be managed with medication for a time, if it keeps coming back as soon as the pain medication wears off, it may be a symptom of a more serious condition.

Seeing spots or feeling tingles for over an hour

Migraines can sometimes affect your vision, making you see spots or even feel weird numbness and tingles on your face. This is called an aura

Numbness, tingles and seeing spots cannot always be dismissed as a migraine.

 If you are prone to migraines with aura, but experience this for more than an hour at a time, you may be experiencing an infarction. An infarction is when the blood supply is constricted in areas of the brain for some reason. Without treatment, this could be deadly.

Having seizures or fainting

If your migraines coincide with seizures, they may be connected. Having seizures at any time is a medical concern. Seizures can be caused by several things but must be diagnosed by a doctor and managed with the correct medication. 

Seizures and fainting spells must never be overlooked because they are usually symptoms of serious conditions.


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