When SA mom, Chantell Davis, learned she had PCOS – the number one cause of infertility – she was absolutely devastated…

Chantell and her husband Kevin always dreamed of having a big family, but after their first child turned one, they tried to fall pregnant again. After unsuccessful attempts, Chantell was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

This condition affects the release of eggs from the ovaries, and is known to cause infertility in thousands of women worldwide. The diagnosis shattered their big family dreams.

In an interview with All4Women, Chantell said that she’d noticed some worrying symptoms before her eventual diagnosis.

She said she was experiencing hair loss, acne, weight gain and no period. On consultation with her gynaecologist, the PCOS was confirmed.

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They prayed for a miracle

“This news was such a shock and certainly unexpected, since I was in the prime of my life,” recalls Chantell. “We immediately reached to the Lord and have a firm belief in Christ’s healing power. We were convinced that miracles do happen.”

According to Chantell, the doctor had recommended fertility treatment, but Kevin was not in favour as he believes pregnancy is by the will of God.

Kevin said, “If we are going to have another baby, God will do a miracle in your womb.”

Tragic miscarriage

Following the diagnosis, in August that year, Chantell fell pregnant again, but sadly suffered a miscarriage. Her hopes of ever having another baby drifted further and further away.

Shortly after the miscarriage, Davis fell “ill”. After visiting the doctor, to her surprise, she learned she was pregnant!

“This miracle overjoyed us… I recall sitting in the car after our appointment, Kevin and I both teary, yet thrilled to finally be pregnant. We studied every little part of the sonar picture – falling in love with the tiny baby.”

But after just 11 weeks, the pregnancy seemed to be getting harder for Davis.

She’d been experiencing a severe back pain and made a visit to her doctor. He performed all the necessary checks and eventually did a scan. He could not believe his eyes.

“His eyes widened as he took my file, and started asking questions about the pregnancy. I was getting worried,” recalls Chantell. “But then he smiled and turned the screen to show me what he saw. Right there, in black and white, were two active little babies.”

In an extremely rare occurrence, Davis had a double pregnancy, also referred to as superfetation which happens when conception occurs a second time while the mother is already pregnant.

“My gynaecologist confirmed that we were carrying twins and that it was a rare case where the smaller twin was conceived more than a week after the other. Hence the single heartbeat detected initially, and the difference in size between the two.”


Colin & Nathan - Twin journey
Colin & Nathan – Twin journey (Image source: Chantell Davis)


According to gynaecologist, Dr. Douglas N Seton there are two possibilities on how the double pregnancy may have occurred. The first theory is that on the early scan, the second sac was simply missed. The second possibility is that superfetation occurred meaning the second embryo was conceived days after the first.

“This is extremely rare. What makes Chantell’s experience unusual is that she did not use fertility treatment and that conception probably occurred at the extremes of ovum and sperm viability in the same cycle.”


Superfetation babies born in 2012
Superfetation babies born in 2012 (Image source: Chantell Davis)


According to Chantell, chances of superfetation are “1 in 600 million”.

The proud mom delivered two healthy baby boys on 2 May 2012 by C-section.

Despite being ‘twins’, they look completely different. “One is tall, dark-haired and has a large build; the other shorter, blonde and distinct in personality and temperament.”


Chantell Davis with "twin" sons
Chantell Davis with Grade 1 “twin” sons (Image source: Chantell Davis)


The good news doesn’t stop there. In 2016, the couple were blessed with another boy!

And while the household is busy, Chantell says its full of love. She hopes her story will bring hope to couples out there who are facing infertility problems.



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