Snake rescuer, Nick Evans had been experiencing a “mamba drought” when he was afforded the opportunity to encounter two in just one day…

But his second ‘capture’ was surely one of the easiest of his career. In fact, the mamba actually ‘caught’ itself.

Nick Evans is the ‘go to’ guy for rescuing snakes in the KwaZulu Natal area. He details his captures on social media in order to raise awareness amongst communities about the importance of live capture. He loves to share his knowledge about the reptiles.

He posted his story about the snake that caught itself on 1 April, but it was not an April Fool’s joke!

According to Nick, he received a call about a large black mamba roaming around a yard in Verulam. The caller said they’d watched the snake slither into a large bucket and had placed a board on top of it.

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So Nick headed over to the area but got stuck in peak hour traffic on the way.

“Mambas love moving when traffic is horrendous,” laughs Nick.

“When I arrived, I was shown a video of the mamba on top of a cupboard, next to the bucket, before it climbed in. I moved the board slightly, not ruling out that the mamba could come flying out.”

“I noticed the bucket was full of bottles and other items. The mamba was among all that, trying to hide.”

“A 2.2m male, in healthy condition. What a strange scenario. The snake did all the hard work here, getting itself into a bucket!”



Snake rescuer Nick Evans rescues 2.5m black mamba in Dbn

Snake rescuer Nick Evans rescues 2.5m black mamba in Dbn

Snake rescuer Nick Evans has experienced a number of mambas recently, about a week ago, he had to climb a tree to rescue a black mamba.

Nick Evans with the 2.2m black mamba

A mamba under the mattress! – Snake wrangler captures 2.2m snake in man’s bed

“Imagine it slithers over you in the night? As someone who loves mambas, I would not want to experience that,” says Evans.

black mamba

A mamba in the bedroom – Snake rescuer brings his mum on mission!

Nick Evans is famed for his mamba wrangling, so when you find a large black snake in your bedroom, he’s the guy to call…

Nick Evans- Snake Rescuer

Snake wrangler captures black mamba in HAMSTER cage!

“I’ve caught Black Mambas in many weird and wonderful places, but never in a hamster cage,” said snake rescuer, Nick Evans in a recent Facebook post…

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