Cooking is a hands-on endeavour. While many TV cooks wear gloves when preparing meals, this probably isn’t what you do at home

Follow these tips to clean your hands after cooking to avoid smelling, tasting and looking like the food you’ve been preparing all-day.

Get rid of garlic hands

Garlic can add great flavour to your food and make it smell delicious. Unfortunately, it can’t do the same for your hands.
Chopping garlic and onions can leave your hands with a pungent smell even after many soapy washes.
To get the smell of garlic and onions off your hands after one wash simply exfoliates them with a salt and bicarbonate of soda paste before washing them.
Aside from taking the smell of your hands, this also softens your hands.
Mix a tablespoon of salt, two tablespoons of bicarb and a little water to make a thick paste. Rub this on your hands for a minute before washing with warm water and soap.

Chilli fingers

If you’ve ever chopped chillies, washed your hands and then rubbed your eyes, you probably know that soap and water aren’t always enough to get the chilli sting off your hands.
Rub oil on your hands to bind the capsicum (spicey chemical) from the peppers then wash off with warm water and soap.
The capsicum binds with the oil and when you wash the oil off you wash off that spicey capsicum too.

Beetroot stains

Everyone talking about how hard it is to get beetroot stains out of clothes, but it is just as hard to get the stains off your hands, chopping boards and other surfaces.
A mixture of bicarbonate of soda and lemon juice can lift stains from just about anything. This powerful cleaning combo is great in the kitchen and on your hands too because both ingredients are edible.
For stubborn stains give your hands or whatever you need to get beetroot out of a soak in water with lemon and bicarbonate of soda.

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3 Ways to get rid of food smells and stains on your hands

Follow these tips to clean your hands after cooking to avoid smelling, tasting and looking like the food you’ve been preparing all-day

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