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Preparing for a new baby is exciting for families, and sometimes even friends.

When they are as eager to welcome the new baby, they can go berserk when buying gifts.Do you know how many of your friends think that the colour neutral onesie at Woolies is cute?

It’s easy for moms to get three or four of the same items, especially if there was no gift registry to guide party attendees. When unguided, it is easy for friends and family members to grab the same item that they think the baby would need, and you might like.

Items that you will never use

You could also find the one friend who will get you a wipe warmer; a little device that warms baby wipes so they hit the bum a little warmer than usual. Now, if you have children then you know that wipes are a ready-to-use product. They do not need to be heated to feel more comfortable for the baby.

This knowledge will still not stop your friends from getting you baby items that babies might not even need.

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So, what do SA moms do with gifts they won’t use?


Regifting etiquette is relative from one person to the other, so as much as some people think regifting is bad, some don’t mind. If the item was not personalised for you, then moms advise that you regift it to someone else that will have a use for it. Baby items are always on demand, and we all know someone that just, or is about to have a baby or is planning to have one.

Regifting your baby shower gift to another mom makes moms feel a little guilty, but the git will be in the hands of someone that needs it.

Exchange it at the shops for something you need

A good ‘gifter’ might think it necessary to leave the item’s invoice for you, especially if they are uncertain if you will need, or like the product. Baby shower shopping is quite challenging when there is no registry. “Which brand do they prefer?” “Are they bottle or breastfeeding?” “Will she use cloth nappies or not?.” When you don’t have this knowledge, it is easy to miss the mark.

So when the buyer is uncertain, they might leave the invoice with you in case you need to swap it out. Moms add that baby shops exchange items with no hassles.

So, you can swap out the wipe warmer for more wipes because you can never have enough wipes.

What if I don’t have the slip?

You can try asking for the slip if you don’t have it. One mom received a new breast pump that she could not use because she could not breastfeed. She decided to be honest with the buyer, and they exchanged it for money. She used the money to buy her daughter winter clothes.

Some people might feel insulted for asking for a slip for a gift they bought for you. With the right explanation, they might be understanding and give it to you. You’ve got nothing to lose.

Rather ask than never use the product at all.



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