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Weird stickiness, strange smells and all kinds of messes are some of the mysteries that come with being a parent

The food your children eat and their hygiene habits can make their breath smell, but when you’ve ruled out food and bad hygiene there could be other reasons your child’s breath smells. 

Your child is dehydrated

Busy children can forget to hydrate themselves even after they develop a dry mouth. Colgate says a dry mouth because of dehydration and medication can cause adults and children’s mouths to smell. 

The consequences of dry mouth on your oral hygiene don’t just end with bad breath but can also make your child’s teeth more susceptible to cavities and decay. 


Your tonsils form part of your bodies defence system. They are at the back of your throat on both sides. 

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Your tonsils defend against germs, viruses and bacteria that come in through the nose and mouth. That is why they often get infected when you have colds and flu. 

According to Kids Health, infected tonsils often cause bad breath in kids. Infected tonsils my be res, swollen sore and even have pus coming out of them. 

Tonsils have lots of little crevices. When they are swollen, it is easy for food particles to be trapped in them, along with the pus and sores that could be on your child’s infected tonsils can contribute to bad breath. 

A sinus infection or something stuck in the nose

A blocked nose, a sinus infection, or even having a toy or other foreign object stuck in their nose can cause bad breath in children. 

According to Therabreath, postnasal drip and mucus dripping into the throat instead of out of the nose can cause bad breath. This happens when the mucus is physically blocked from coming out of your nose when your blow by inflamed sinuses, and in the case of small children an object stuck in the nose causing irritation and a blockage. 


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Why your child’s breath smells

When you’ve ruled out food and bad hygiene there could be other reasons your child’s breath smell…

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