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During the first year of the pandemic, many people reported they were not getting enough restful sleep. Although too little sleep has a negative impact on your life, too much sleep isn’t good for you either. 

People suffering from depression, taking medication or suffering from medical conditions that cause fatigue are prone to oversleeping which puts them at risk of developing other medical conditions.

What is oversleeping?

The recommended amount of time an adult should sleep every day is 8 hours. According to Sleep core labs sleeping for over 9 hours a day is considered excessive for adults and detrimental to your health. 

The longer you sleep after the 9-hour mark the more you increase your risk of lifestyle diseases and mental illness. 

Sleeping more is not resting more

Although you would think a person who sleeps more rests more, people who oversleep are rarely well rested and could suffer from fatigue and struggle to be productive because they sleep too much. 

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According to Harvard Health, sleeping for longer than you need to can upset your bodies natural sleep and wake cycle causing fatigue and brain fog making it difficult for you to be productive during the day.

Oversleeping can cause obesity

Under sleeping can cause weight gain, but so can oversleeping. A study done at Harvard University showed that people who slept longer than 9 hours every day were more likely to become obese regardless of their diet and how much they exercised. 

While this is related to other lifestyle diseases, oversleeping independently increases the chances of diabetes, heart disease and stroke. 


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