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Following a strict intermittent fasting diet and eating only at certain times may be giving you the weight loss result you want to see on the scale, while your waistline may not be shrinking at the rate you would like it to

A study has found that fasting could make tummy fat more stubborn and harder to get rid of. 

Is intermittent fasting a bad diet?

People all over the world have shared their positive results after intermittent fasting, with many adopting the diet and choosing it as a lifestyle and way of eating in the long term. 

Although the study published in Cell Reports does not dispute the success of intermittent fasting as an effective diet against obesity, the study found that IM affects fat deposits in the body differently. 

While fat in other parts of the body was easily reduced by the diet, it was found that visceral fat that builds around vital organs causing your tummy to bulge and increasing your risk of obesity-related illness was preserved when food became ‘scarce’.

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Most fat is dissolved during fasting 

Weight loss during fasting is real, effective and can be part of a healthy weightloss strategy. 

According to the study, most fat deposits were dissolved as expected during fasting and used as energy in a process called lipolysis.

Doctors say that during the study they found that belly fat, specifically illness-causing visceral fat reacted differently. The body read the fasting periods as food and energy scarcity and the fat was stored and preserved making it more stubborn than ever. 


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