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Winter is around the corner and it’s time to put in the work and et those summer bodies under construction

A healthy diet and regular exercise are some of the best ways to get and sustain your summer body, but your healthy diet could also be behind your boasted tummy.
Keep things sleek with these simple food swaps to deflate your bloated tummy.

Bloating beans

Plant-based protein sources are all the rage in this vegan revolution and while you could be drawn to the high fibre, mineral-rich and budget-friendly legumes like sugar beans, they could also be leaving you bloated.
If you find that your high-bean diet is leaving you bloated, make some healthy trades and consider beans like Mung beans or adzuki that are easier to digest and less likely to cause bloating.

The cabbage family

Cabbages and the rest of the crucifers make the list of many dieters favourite foods because they are so low in calories but can also be very filling.
An unfortunate side effect of eating too much of these leafy greens is boating and gas which could not only sabotage your flat tummy goals but also leave you feeling farty.
Substitute your cabbage leaves for other greens like spinach and lettuce to reap the benefits and avoid the bloat.

Going sugar-free

If you love sugar one of the easiest ways to go sugar-free is with non-nutritive sweeteners. However, these can cause bloating because they are usually a mix of chemicals designed to taste as similar to sugar as possible.
Skip the sugar-free drinks, sweets and sweeteners and opt for natural sweeteners instead like fruit, honey and agave syrup in moderation.

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