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Chipping your tooth can be a traumatic event. While coming to terms with the fact that you have literally broken your smile, you could also be dealing with physical pain and considering the financial pain of repairing your broken tooth

Here’s what you can do to make this bad situation a little better

Call for help!

Your teeth may not be bones, but they’re made out of similar stuff which means they don’t just break easily or repair themselves like scars and scrapes.
A chipped or broken tooth is considered a dental emergency because it could easily lead to more damage.
When a tooth is broken or chipped, depending on how to severe the break is, the nerves in the tooth could be exposed increasing sensitivity, possibilities of infection and tooth decay.

While the damage may seem minimal, calling for help is the best way to assess the damage is to make an appointment with a dentist.

Protect your mouth

The jagged edges of a broken tooth can cut your tooth and gums causing more pain and misery.
A tooth covering for your tooth could be as elaborate as dental wax or as simple as a piece of sugar-free gum or teabag, held over the broken tooth in the time before you can see a dentist for a permanent solution.
Covering your broken tooth doesn’t only protect your mouth from your tooth, but also protects your tooth from bacteria, food particles and decay-causing germs in your mouth. Rinse your mouth well before covering the broken tooth.

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Give your broken tooth a break

Your broken tooth might look and feel good enough to use, but it might not be a good idea to use it before you’ve seen a dentist.
Your dentist can offer solutions like crowns, fillings and recontouring to fix a broken tooth for both cosmetic and dental reasons.

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