Paella started out as the food of farmworkers in valencia, Spain. Workers who often couldn’t afford elaborate meals threw whatever they had into a pot of rice and made delicious Paella, cooked and stewed over a wood fire

Centuries later Paella is the most popular food from Spain, served at exclusive restaurants around the world and celebrated today on world Paella day.
Here is how Paella recipes have changed over the years

Authentic Velencian Paella

Authentic Paella is not meant to be anything fancy. Like Nigerian Egusi Soup and West African Jollof, Paella is made out of an assortment of meats that just happened to be available at the time.
Traditional Paella often had a combination of farm meat and wild meats like rabbit or duck that could have been freshly hunted and prepared for the rice, meat and vegetable stew.

Seafood Paella

Spain is known for its assortment of seafood dishes. People who lived by the sea and access to fresh seafood used the protein they had at their disposal to make their Paella.
These days seafood dishes are far from being the food of the poor and some of the most expensive items of high-end restaurant menus.
Seafood Paella is also made from a mixed bag of protein from the sea.

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Simple Paella recipe

Vegan and vegaterian Paella

Although most people who didn’t eat meat in the olden days did so because it wasn’t available, many people with access to meat are simply choosing not to eat it for health reasons and environmental reasons.
Vegan and vegetarian versions of Paella are increasingly popular as more people around the world turn to plant-based diets.

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