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Firm abs are a highly sought after accessory. Not only does a lean midsection mean clothing that fits well and looks good on you, but there are also many health benefits to a lean midsection and a strong core

While many of us want great abs, not all of us have them because great abs often take weeks, months and even years of hard work to build. So how can you tell if your ab routine is actually working? 

Your waist size is shrinking

A teeny-weeny waist doesn’t come from clenching, it comes from a strong core and burning the fat around your midsection. 

While an effective ab routine won’t guarantee you an hourglass shape, the most obvious sign that you are losing weight around your midsection is a shrinking waistline. 

Better posture

A good ab routine shouldn’t just give you a flat tummy but also strengthen your core muscles which include your abdominal muscles and your back muscles too. 

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According to Harvard Health, one of the first signs of stronger core muscles is improved posture. Better posture can improve back pain and also make you look slimmer. 

You have better endurance

Working out is always tougher when you need it most. People with weak core muscles are more likely to struggle to breathe while exercising. Online fitness and weight loss app My Fitness Pal, say that improved endurance and being able to breath more easily during your workout is a sign that your core is getting stronger.

Your balance is better than ever

Another common problem for people with a weak core is balance.
When your midsection is weak, it can affect coordination between your yop half and your bottom half making standing on one foot for long periods or even planking difficult.
Test your balance and watch it improve as your abs and core muscles get stronger.

Your feet don’t hurt as much after walking

When you spend a lot of time on your feet, they can start to hurt. When your core is weak and you have little balance, this can be worse because your feet take on more work than they should hold you upright. 

According to Physical, a stronger core can alleviate foot and joint pain by balancing the weight of holding your body upright across your body more evenly. 


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