‘Finger Lickin’ Good’, ‘Always Coca-Cola’, ‘Just Do It’, ‘Because You’re Worth It’. These are all iconic brand slogans…

While brands spend a lot of time and effort building a reputation and building a ‘home’ for their slogan with their customers, circumstances may force them to make some drastic changes. That’s exactly what happened to KFC.

“In 2020 Finger Lickin’ Good probably become the most inappropriate slogan in the world…” said Suhayl Limbada, Marketing Director at KFC South Africa.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, KFC decided to pause the use of its slogan – but don’t worry, it’s just for now.

So what are they doing instead?

After 64 years built on ‘Finger ‘Lickin’ good’ KFC is testing out some temporary (possibly familiar?) slogans – each for 48 hours.

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“But we want to make one thing clear: while our decision to ‘try on’ these slogans may come as a surprise; we’re just having a little fun and have nothing but respect for the brands featured. After all, would we be using their slogans if we didn’t like them?”

50th birthday celebrations ahead

“Pausing the use of our beloved slogan in South Africa was not easy – especially ahead of our 50th birthday celebrations this year as it’s such an iconic part of our brand,” says Limbada.

“But it was the right thing to do. We can’t wait to be reunited with our slogan but in the meantime, we hope the teams at Red Bull, Coca-Cola, Simba, MTN, Engen, Vodacom and OUTsurance to name a few, don’t mind if we try on their slogans for the next 48 hours – we promise we’ll give them back!”

We know it won’t be forever, and it’s going to make an almighty comeback one day, hold tight.

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