As the months get colder, the mice and rats that could be living around your home will be looking for warmer, safe and dry accommodation

You could soon have an unwanted housemate sharing your home.
Here’s how to quickly and humanely evict tiny unwanted housemates from your home.

Make sure you close all exit and entry points

Like you, rats and mice don’t necessarily stay home all day. They go outside to collect nesting materials and other things and come and go from your home if you let them.
Although closing off possible exit points would mean the mouse or rat is trapped in your home, it also means you will know exactly when it leaves and how.
Seal off possible exit and entry points firmly because rodents are much stronger than they look, although they are small, they can push, rip and eat their way through flimsy wall plugs and breeze blockers.

Declutter your home

Decluttering your home means increasing the chances of actually running into your new housemate or their droppings which can be scary, but it is necessary to clear possible hiding and nesting places.
Also, take away possible food sources like improperly stored food, messy cupboards and rubbish that has not been properly disposed of.
Clear and clean your home and throw away food you or your pets may have been sharing with the mouse or rat, if the mouse or rat has been able to get to that food, it may be contaminated and should not be eaten.

Put out mouse traps

The aim of your mouse traps should not be to hurt or kill the mouse or rat that has come into your home, rather it should be to get it out.
Removing food options for the mouse or rat will make it more likely to try and get the food that is used to set up the trap.
Set up live catch mouse and rat traps around your home. Avoid poison, not only for humane reasons but also for the safety of your pets and your family.

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Find out where to release mice and rats

With your exit and entry points closed, and food properly stored, mice and rats will have no choice but to try and eat from the trap and get caught.
Check your traps daily and carefully.
When you have caught the mouse or rat, find a safe place to realise it.
With all the entry points to your home properly sealed, you should not have the same problem again.
Carefully clean and disinfect your home.


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