Our second Easter post-COVID is not going to be as sad as last years. Say no to eating hot cross buns in bed and under the duvet Easter egg hunts. We are going all out this year and making the best of our time together this Easter

Chef Zola Nene with Checkers has developed tasty Easter treats to class up your Easter do and keep things tasty for you and your loved ones. 

We’ve been eating delicious meals together for months, but nothing says “special occasion” like appetisers. 

Cheese stuffed figs 

It’s fig season and we are following Chef Zola’s advice and making the best of it. Fig season is really short and the autumn fruits become more expensive and scarce as the winter months roll in. 

Figs are one of the many fruits you can have as both a sweet and savoury dish and they are delicious with cheese and toast the special occasion wrapped in prosciutto for an extra smokey, salty layer. 

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The best part is this classy treat is so simple easy and quick to make.


  • Fresh figs (one for every guest)
  • Blue cheese or goats cheese (to spoons for every fig)
  • Walnuts to sprinkle on top
  • Farmer Angus prosciutto to wrap ( Available in selected Checkers stores) 

How to:

Cut your fresh figs in half and stuff each half with cheese

Top your cheesy figs with walnuts and wrap with prosciutto.

Salmon and wasabi-avo cream on crackers

The marriage between Salmon and avo isn’t something that needs any explanation. The creamy delicate taste of the fruit matches the raw fishy taste of the salmon like nothing else (not even cream cheese). 

Adding a bit of wasabi to the mix takes the flavour combo to the next level and adds a little something special to the traditional pair. 

Served atop Checkers simple truth crackers this canape is a delight and also perfect for the health-conscious. 


How to:

  • Mash your avo well and add wasabi and season to taste
  • Scoop a generous but manageable amount of your avo mixture onto your crackers.
  • Stylize a strip of salmon (in a spiral or other shape) and top your cracker. 

Cheese and onion pastry twist

A simple breadstick type appetiser is great to have on every table, especially with less adventurous guests who will be grateful for something familiar. 


-Puff pastry

– Grated cheese of your choice

– Checkers Forage and Feast caramelised onion cheese topper

How to

-Cut puff pastry into strips

– Spread cheese topper on the strips and use it to hold the cheese onto your pastry strips.

– Twist your pastry strips and bake in the oven according to your package instructions 


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