Another chocolatey holiday is loading and many of us feel like we are losing control of it again. A few weeks into our healthier diets and recovery from a sweet valentines day, delicious candy eggs of every kind are threatening to knock us off balance again.
Here are some delicious and slightly healthier recipes for easter eggs your kids will love making with you and munching on through the Easter holidays.

Egg-shaped truffles

hand-rolled chocolate truffles are a make great ‘Easter eggs’ and put you in control of what goes in them, the size of a serving and of course allows you to sneak some healthy ingredients into them.

Date balls

Dates are a great sticky and naturally sweet base for truffles. They are also high in fibre and antioxidants making them an almost perfect treat.
Add nuts, unsweetened cocoa powder and your favourite seeds and blend well.
Enlist the help of your kids to roll and shape your trifles into easter eggs and coat in crushed nuts, desiccated coconut or dip in melted sugar-free chocolate.

Gluten Free Chocolate Date Balls recipe

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Avo truffles

Avocados can be a creamy dreamy dessert base and are awesome paired with chocolate to make decadent mouses and rich icecreams.
Mixed with melted chocolate and refrigerated avocado can also become a firm mouldable truffle.
Melt sugar-free chocolate in a double boiler or (if you’re a pro a microwave) and mix with a well mashed and lump-free avo.
Add cocoa powder to your mashed avo mixture for a more chocolatey taste.
Set your avo mixture in the fridge for at least 30 minutes until it is firm and mouldable.
Mould your truffles in eggs shapes and dust with cocoa powder, sprinkles, nuts and other toppings of your choice.

Easter cake pops

Cake pops are possibly the dessert of the century. They’ve overtaken cupcakes and are so versatile and easy to shape that you could easily make them yourself and even involve the children.
Using gluten-free, sugar-free and vegan cake you can make cake pops that are suitable for any diet.

Easter Cake Pops


Yoghurt cake pops

Mash your favourite cake flavour into crumbs (cakes spiced with cinnamon, cardamom or pumpkin spice give the taste of hot cross buns) and slowly add yoghurt (for this recipe you are replacing the icing with yoghurt, yoghurt does not harden so you need to add less).
Mix the cake and yoghurt into a mouldable mixture. You can add raisins, cranberries and other dried fruit pieces to your mixture. Mould into egg shapes and refrigerate to set.
Coat your Easter egg cakes in a coating of your choice and keep in the refrigerator.


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