Winter is coming! While we aren’t expecting ice zombies to try and take over the world, many South Africans are filled with dread all the same with expectations of loadshedding and regular power outages. 

If you can’t cook your meals over a fire, a Youtuber has a bizarre, but scientifically sound method for cooking chicken. He slapped the chicken from raw to cooked.

How many slaps does it take to cook a chicken?

This odd question has somehow been on the minds of many internet users who figured that since kinetic energy (energy caused by movement) turned into thermal energy (heat), you should be able to cook food by slapping it over and over again. 

While many YouTubers have tried this experiment with varying results, but in a quest for answers, Louis Weisz not only cooked a chicken by slapping it repeatedly but also cooked and ate a medium-rare steak. 

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This isn’t easy, but it is really possible

Slapping a chicken from raw to cooked and edible isn’t easy, but it is possible. 

Many ‘alternative cooks’ failed to cook the chicken through, simply because it was too tiring. It would take an estimated 34 000 slaps to ‘cook’ the chicken and many more to get it to cook it enough for most people to consider it an acceptable meal. 

While this tiring, it also means the energy is ‘cooking’ your hand as you cooked the chicken. 

Louis’ success came as a result of his high tech slapping machine and all the tools and gadgets he used to keep the chicken still and intact as he repeatedly slapped it with a cutting board attached to an electronic arm. 

Cooked and tenderised

Before you start planning your slapped chicken feast, it is important to remember that the slapping doesn’t only cook the chicken but also ‘tenderises it. 

The smashing action of each slap can change the texture of the meat. 

Although Louis didn’t eat his slapped chicken (it was contaminated during the slapping) and honestly didn’t look too tasty, he did eat his slapped steak and said it tasted like a steak but felt like it had already been chewed a few times. 

Future science leaders


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