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Kelly Rowland has left fans in awe after posting a snap back picture just two months after giving birth.

The singer-songwriter welcomed her son, Noah Jon, on 21 January with husband Tim Weatherspoon. Kelly shared the amazing news on her Instagram page late January.

The 40-year-old mother of two, shocked fans this month when she took to Instagram to share her snap back photo.

Only a few weeks after giving birth, Kelly was already rocking a flat belly and super sexy body.

In the image, Kelly can be seen wearing a grey athleisure ensemble while standing in her backyard. She wore a grey top, leggings and lightweight jacket as well as socks.

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Fans could not believe their eyes when they saw the stunning Kelly after just having her second child.

Most fans joked about how she did not look like someone who just had a baby.

“Just had a baby where????!” and “Where did you have a baby?!?!?!?!?” they hilariously said.

Others were in awe of her already awesome physique.

“It’s hard to believe you were pregnant not too long ago,” one fan wrote with surprise.

Another commented: “If snap-back was a person….it would definitely be you. You look great…..where’s the baby weight?” and another excitedly said: “It’s the bounce back for meee.”


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Kelly had continued to exercise all through her pregnancy and shared videos of her workouts with her fans. Consistently staying active or good genes – or both – are probably how this queen has snap backed so fast in an amazing way.

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