Amongst the many things pregnant women gain, hair is one of them, but they soon lose it.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy decrease the rate of hair loss in pregnant women. The hormone oestrogen is responsible for hair growth and loss. During pregnancy, oestrogen increases, and women grow healthy and shiny hair.

After childbirth, new moms experience a drastic drop in hormones and this contributes to a lot of the physical changes they experience. “Baby blues” are caused by a drop in oestrogen and progesterone levels. These are characterised by mood swings, anxiety, and general irritability. When these don’t get resolved within a week or so, it can lead to postpartum depression.

At around four months postpartum, moms notice hair loss

It’s also known as postpartum shedding.

Dermatologist and president of the Canadian Hair Loss Foundation, Jeff Donovan told HuffPost Canada that shedding affects 60-70% of new moms. It’s a normal part of the postpartum journey, although women lose hair at different rates. Some even decide to have a big hair chop when they start noticing hair loss.

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Short-hair has become trendy as the natural hair movement in South Africa continues to grow.


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South African mommy blogger Puseletso Kobedi of Mzanis Mom was losing big chunks of hair every time she brushed her hair. This happened a few months after the birth of her second baby. She experienced postpartum shedding even with her first pregnancy.

She had her big chop after growing frustrated with the state of her hair and shared a vlog on her big chop.

By the time your baby turns a year old, you are supposed to regrow your hair, and it should shed less. If not, it is advisable to see a doctor as there might be an underlying reason for your shedding. It could be stress-related, or a more serious condition like alopecia.

Here is how to decrease pregnancy-related hair loss:

  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Avoid styling your hair
  • Taking your vitamins, even after birth



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