The country remains on high alert with the threat of a third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, imminent but a responsible vacation is something we could all do with…

We’ve been battling the Coronavirus pandemic for a year. The stress and pressure of getting through the last 12 months has taken its toll. We find ourselves daydreaming of beach vacations, getting time to just read a book, and enjoying some more quality family time with our loved ones.

The upcoming public holidays in South Africa offer a good opportunity for us to get away using our precious leave days sparingly.

There are two opportunities for long breaks coming up in April, so best you send in your leave requests ASAP!

This year’s public holidays:

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  • New Year’s Day           Fri, 01 Jan 2021
  • Human Rights Day      Mon, 22 Mar 2021
  • Good Friday                 Fri, 02 Apr 2021
  • Family Day                   Mon, 05 Apr 2021
  • Freedom Day               Tue, 27 Apr 2021
  • Workers’ Day               Sat, 01 May 2021
  • Youth Day                    Wed, 16 Jun 2021
  • Women’s Day               Mon, 09 Aug 2021
  • Heritage Day                Fri, 24 Sep 2021
  • Day of Reconciliation   Thu, 16 Dec 2021
  • Christmas Day             Sat, 25 Dec 2021
  • Boxing Day                  Mon, 27 Dec 2021

When to take your leave this year:

The first big opportunity for a break comes up over the Easter weekend in April.

You can take four days leave, and score a total of 10 days off from 2-11 April.

There’s another opportunity for a long weekend towards the end of April if you account for Freedom Day on 27 April but it won’t be as long as it usually is as 1 May, Workers Day, falls on a Saturday.

But with just two days leave you can have a further 5 days off in the month of April.

Key: Yellow – Public Holidays Green – Potential days off


In June, Youth Day falls on a Wednesday which makes for a nice mid-week break but if you need something longer you can put in two days leave and get 5 days off!

Key: Yellow – Public Holidays Green – Potential days off


August and September holidays are very similar in that they fall on a Monday and Friday respectively.

This year 9 August, Women’s day falls on a Monday, while 24 September which is heritage day falls on a Friday, both give us a bit of a long weekend, but you could always extend that with a day’s leave or even two for a young break ahead of the December period.


Key: Yellow – Public Holidays
Green – Potential days off


There’s never been a better time to take a break, send in your leave application ASAP!


Public holidays calendar
Public holidays calendar


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