Tik Tok trends are easy to fall for, but not always so easy to follow through on, but the baked feta and tomato pasta is a delicious exception

The simple to make and easy to overindulge on pasta recipe requires so little of your energy, it’s almost criminal no to try it at least once.

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What you need

  • Cherry tomatoes
  • A block of feta cheese
  • Freshly cooked pasta (your favourite type)
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and pepper ( be careful with the salt, feta is already salty)
  • Fresh Basil

How to make it

Making this recipe is quick easy and simple. You put the tomatoes in a baking dish, season, add olive oil and put your feta in there too. Generously pour olive oil over the feta and bake on high until the tomatoes are blistered and juicy and your feta is melted.
Pour your pasta into the oven dish and mix.

The recipe that sold all the feta in Finland

Although the recipe isn’t exactly new, the fan fair and the growing obsession over the quick and easy gourmet tasting dish is at an all-time high thanks to TikTok.
Developed by Finnish Foodie blogger Jenni Häyrinen, the recipe became a hit across the globe while everyone was in lockdown.

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The blogger told LA Magazine that she was surprised by the sudden popularity of the recipe and believed it was because people were looking for quick easy and delicious lunch ideas while stuck at home.

While this might be true for the rest of the world, the recipe reached the peak of its popularity in Finland in 2019.
Stores in Finland ran out of feta soon after Jenni posted her recipe on her Instagram page and started a Uunifetapasta (Oven-baked feta pasta) craze.


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