We use our forks every day, not everyone knows how to clean them properly. The gaps between each prong are so small that tiny particles of food can get trapped there without you noticing

Most people wash their forks the same way they wash the rest of their cutlery, leaving tiny pieces of food in the forks and bringing that food to your mouth the next time you use the fork.

Get between the prongs and start cleaning your forks the right way with these easy tricks.

Give your forks a good soak

Soaking your dirty dishes is one way to start the cleaning process effectively. While procrastinators aren’t right too often, they are when it comes to soaking your forks.

Soaking your ‘clean’ forks in a cup of hot vinegar water for a few hours can soak out the grime and food that could be trapped between the prongs.

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After the soak, wash the forks in clean water as usual and pack away.

Boil it off

Boiling your forks clean is an old trick that has been used for generations. Not only does it clean and disinfect your forks, but can also make them a little shinier.

Boil your forks (not the ones with plastic handles) in a closed pot for 5-10 minutes. Open the pot and allow the forks to cool in the water before removing and rinsing.

Use a toothbrush

If you really want to give your cutlery a good wash once in a while, using a brush to get into small spaces is more effective than using a sponge. An old toothbrush is best because the bristles are softer and less likely to scratch your fork as they clean.

If you don’t have an old toothbrush or feel strange using an old toothbrush to wash your dishes, get a soft-bristled or children’s toothbrush.



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