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Flat, toned abs are the dream of both men and women everywhere. Sometimes even after considerable weight loss, your washboard abs might still seem unattainable

Advocates for surgical weightloss have claimed it is impossible to get rid of some of the skin and fat around their lower abdomen (FUPA/ fat upper pubic area) without surgical intervention. While the FUPA is more common among women because of hormones and possibly childbirth, there are ways to separate the fat from the loose skin (without surgery) and finally see what you are really working with. 

Get a good firming cream

While firming creams aren’t a quick and easy weight loss solution, they can improve the quality and elasticity of your skin. This would allow it to shrink back to hugging your body as it should without surgery.

Firming creams rich in vitamin A are a great tool to have in your arsenal, and while your results won’t be as quick and extreme as a fresh tummy tuck, they also won’t be as painful or expensive.

It might not just be loose skin

Losing weight and getting stronger will reduce the appearance of belly fat, but sometimes stubborn belly fat can hold onto the skin, making it sag.

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Working harder to lose stubborn belly fat could make your flat ab efforts more visible.

Who knows you could be hiding a six-pack under that subcutaneous fat. 

Get regular belly rubs

A study published by Plos One showed that skin responded to gentle massages. With improved blood flow and regular stimulation skin would could slowly become firmer.

Therapies like the popular EMS (electronic muscle stimulator) can also provide effective stimulation to this skin, although you must be warned, it is not the most comfortable or relaxing type of ‘massage’. 


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