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Going plant-based or vegan isn’t just about the food you eat. Cruelty-free vegans and environmentalist are also conscious of their supplements, clothing and even toiletries

As more people move towards a more plant-based way of life, we explore a whole new way of doing things too, and while some plant-based options turn out to be the healthier options, but when it comes to collagen is it even possible for vegan collagen to be effective?

Vegan collagen and anti-ageing

Collagen is a popular and effective supplement for skin health. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin elasticity and plumps up areas that have lost volume with age. It’s nature’s botox.

Because collagen is traditionally an animal product, vegans have stayed away from it but can now according to Healthline get the same effect from collagen made from microorganisms like yeast instead of animals.

Although this is not widely available and could be expensive, especially in South Africa where veganism is still relatively new to the mainstream, vegans can encourage their skin to produce more collagen.

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DIY collagen for your skin by your skin

Similarly to the animals that produce non-vegan collagen, humans can produce their own collagen too. The skin naturally produces collagen although the amount of collagen produced can be reduced as we age causing visible signs of ageing on our skin.

Increasing your intake of vitamin C, zinc and other vitamins and minerals improves the health of your skin and its natural ability to produce collagen.

Is vegan collagen as good as animal collagen?

According to Medical News Today, not only is vegan collagen effective, but it also has the potential to be a better alternative, even for non-vegans. Vegan collagen will be produced in labs with limited variables to keep the quality the same over many products.
The quality of animal collagen is dependent on many variables including what animal was used, the animals health and the animals age.

Excluding animals from the production of collagen can also produce products that are less likely to cause an allergic reaction.


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