If you are conscious of the chemicals you use in your home and how they could be affecting your family, white vinegar may be just what you need.

It’s an all-purpose cleaning detergent that’s so safe, you’re already eating it.

Steam clean your microwave

Put 1 part vinegar and one part water in a microwave safe cup or bowl and put it in your microwave on high.
How much of the vinegar and water solution you put in will depend on how much grime you have stuck in your microwave. A cup of solution can steam your microwave for about 10 minutes for a moderate cleaning job.

After your microwave has been steamed you should be able to simply wipe the dirt away. If you can’t wipe away the dirt, you can repeat the steaming process as much as you need to.

Shine unpolished wooden floors

Mixing ¼ cup of vinegar in 1 litre of water is an age old method for cleaning wooden floors, but it only works if your floors are not waxed.

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Wring your mop out after you dip it in the water to make sure you do not wet the floors too much and damage the wood.

Get crayon marks off the walls

An unwanted wax mural on your walls is a classic parenting horror story. For children drawing on the walls in crayon is easy enough, but getting the wax off properly without damaging your wall paint is another story.

Rub a water and vinegar mixture on the waxy art work with a clean cloth and you should be able to easily get the crayon off smooth walls. Rough cast and textured walls may need you to use a little more elbow grease.

Give your shower head a bath

While cleaning you off, your shower head and get dirty and clogged up. to get it sparkling in and in streaming shape, soak your shower head in a ¼ vinegar ¾ boiling water mix in a bowl or in a durable bag tied to the shower head so that the streaming side is submerged.

Deodorise your fridge

With our on again, off again electricity, food can go off right in your fridge. Sometimes even after cleaning the sour and stale smell of bad food can stay in your fridge.

Wipe your smell fridge down with vinegar water so it smells fresh again.

Get rid of strange smells

Whether it’s pet urine or clothes you’re left in the washing machine too long, a quick rinse or wipe down with vinegar can get rid of most smells leaving a clean neutral smell that won’t offend anyone.

Clean your kettle

Not everyone cleans their kettles, but after months of boiling, the inside of your keelt can start to look grimy and scale. Boil vinegar water in your kettle and let it soak overnight for a scrub free wash.


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It’s an all-purpose cleaning detergent that’s so safe, you’re already eating it.