I come from a corn loving family. We don’t own cornfields, we know little about corn, but we love to eat it

We grill it, we bake it, we braai it, we boil it and last week tried to turn it into ribs just like the current TikTok craze. Sadly, it was a disaster!

No digits were lost, but I surrender my home cook title

The biggest mistake I made was thinking I could cut the corn into riblets myself. 

I’ve chopped wood, I wrangle little people regularly, and I consider myself pretty tough. But, chopping corn is clearly a craft I have not mastered. 

One bleeding thumb later, my favourite knife in two pieces, I gave up and decided to season and grill chunks of corn instead. 

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Cutting your own corn into riblets isn’t worth the high risk of losing your fingers. 

Here’s where I went wrong

My pride fragile I looked for home cooks who have faced similar defeats.

Although The Kitchen’s Sara Tane left her kitchen with a serving of corn ribs, she confirmed my struggles. 

Cutting your own corn into riblets isn’t worth the high risk of losing your fingers. 

The biggest hurdle when making corn ribs is cutting the corn, it’s also where I gave up, but a quick google search revealed a solution. 

Woolworths sells corn ribs complete with a sweet and spicy marinade that makes the whole ordeal a matter of marinading the corn and grilling.

Sweetcorn Riblets
Sweetcorn Riblets from Woolworths – save yourself some time


It’s a trend worth trying at least once

While take one may have been a painful disaster (and bloody too), I have not given up on my corn rib fantasy. This is after all my best chance at taking a bite of a ‘rib’, and actually enjoying it as a pescatarian. 

There is also the appeal of being able to eat corn in public without looking like a cartoon character and making a big mess of your lipstick.

Corn ribs are definitely going to be one of the stars at my next braai. 

Here’s how to do it right:


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