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Most people consider PTSD ( post-traumatic stress disorder) as a condition affecting survivors of war, but PTSD is very subjective and can relate to any terrifying event

Speaking to Gweneth Paltrow during her ‘In Goop Health- The at Home summit’ virtual conference. Gabrielle Union shared how Perminopause intensified her struggles with mental health, including her struggle with PTSD. 

What is PTSD?

PTSD is a mental health disorder resulting form and experience where you believed your life was in danger. This could be an incident where you are directly involved, or where you are a witness to an accident, violence or a life-threatening event like a natural disaster or pandemic. 

According to, PTSD is subjective to a persons experience or perception. A person who witnesses a violent act performed as part of a street art performance or educational art could suffer trauma from witnessing what they believed to be a violent act. 

People with PTSD can be described as “on edge” because they have a heightened sense of danger and could perceive danger where there is none. 

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Gabrielle has been open about her PTSD stemming from being raped at gunpoint almost 30 years ago. While she has managed the condition through therapy, she says the current pandemic and perimenopause ( which comes with a hormonal shift) have wreaked havoc with her mental health. 

Constantly waiting for something to go wrong

Although PTSD can cause fears of physical danger, it could also cause fears of emotional hurt. 

Gabrielle Union told Gweneth Paltrow, she constantly felt like something would go wrong in her marriage, career and relationships. This fear often leads her to act out of character. 

Speaking candidly, she shared that perimenopause (a transition into menopause) had made the condition more severe. In December last year, she even considered suicide to prove a point to her husband. 

Gabrielle says although in retrospect the disagreement was minor, she felt that her husband would only see her point if she was dead. 


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