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All moms know that when your kid gets hooked on a TV series, the whole family has to watch or listen to it. Sometimes you have to watch it over and over again!

But Elliott From Earth – the new kids’ series from Cartoon Network – is one that All4Women mums AND their kids are already hooked on. The series follows Elliott, his mum Frankie, and a dinosaur named Mo.

Elliott and Mo become best buddies as they travel through space on an unexpected journey across the universe. They set out to discover why they were brought there in the first place.

Along the way they meet a whole host of friendly cosmic creatures who all exist in harmony – a valuable lesson for kids to learn.

“Elliot has found a passion he shares with his mom. Together they explore things in and out of this world. It encourages a sense of adventure and imagination for both kids and parents, and with Elliot’s empathy and fearlessness, anything is possible,” says All4Women parenting writer, Karabo Mokoena.

Family fun with Elliot from Earth

Elliott’s mum, Frankie is a geologist. She has spent the past few years studying a strange rock she discovered! She believes it’s of ‘alien origin’ but no one believes her.

Frankie’s logical, scientific approach to things doesn’t mean she never acts impulsively and her love for Elliott means they’ll travel to the ends of the earth together, or further.

Unlike his mum, Elliott sometimes finds himself rushing into things without thinking them through, leaving him in some sticky situations. But thankfully, he’s got his friend Mo the Stegosaurus to help him out.

“I love the thrill of adventure the series offers as well as how their little imaginations flourish with each fascinating episode. I love that Elliot’s mom is the real superhero in this programme. We need more messages like this!” says All4Women entertainment writer, Megan Pillay. “Also kids learning about things like science and space are great too!”

What we love about Elliott From Earth

We love the theme of friendship! The series it shows kids that friendships can be between all types of creatures from all over the universe, and that we can all live in harmony.

“I love the comedic edge to the show, it may be set in space but mom and kid issues are super relatable. They seem to have a great understanding of each other,” says All4Women current affairs writer, Naadiya Adams. “Elliot’s curiosity for things is refreshing, and in a world where racism is rife it’s lovely to see so much harmony among different creatures.”

We love the sense of adventure and creativity in each episode which takes the friends to different corners of the universe. It encourages kids to dream, be creative and connect with others even if they are little bit shy at times.

Comedy and lessons

“The fact that Elliot From Earth is from the creators of The Amazing World of Gumball made it an instant favourite for my son from the start,” says All4Women fashion writer, Andile Mthimkhulu. “Getting to explore the world with your mom by your side is probably every kid’s dream. Elliot From Earth makes this dream a reality for kids and their moms too and teaches valuable lessons while having a whole lot of fun.”

Along with the cartoon characters, there’s a good sense of comedy – which can be appreciated by moms and kids.

“Get the moral of the story without a long lecture,” says All4Women health and recipe writer, Zethu Sithole. “We love how Elliot shows empathy and learns to understand and love all the different creatures he meets on his adventures. A plus just for me is that his mom is practically a superhero just like the rest of us moms.”


The new series rolled out across Africa on Saturday, 13 March 2021 @ 09:35 CAT.

Cartoon Network Africa is available on DStv, channel 301, and GOtv, channel 67