A T-shirt and hoodie created on behalf of the Trevor Noah Foundation has landed in the official Grammy’s gift bag…

Stars like Taylor Swift, Cardi B, Dua Lipa, Harry Styles and many more performers at Sunday night’s awards ceremony, will all take home their own own tee, designed by Jozi artist Karabo Poppy.

Trevor’s foundation collaborated with the award-winning illustrator, graphic designer and street artist to create the limited edition apparel, which features a funky depiction of the star himself – complete with edgy hair-do!

“The shirts follow the common theme of a contemporary African aesthetic. The design is about finding the beauty in our commonality on a continent this diverse, from flag designs, barbershop signage and stylized symbols, patterns and architecture found throughout Africa,” Karabo said of the proudly South African merchandise.

According to the Grammys, their gift bag is their most inclusive and diverse one to date, which they state will “represent companies owned and operated by individuals across race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, age, persons with disabilities and beyond.”

Other items to make it into the bag include a bottle of gluten free and organic Vodka, an interactive children’s book, a reusable cup and a selection of pamper products.

The T-shirt and hoodie are also on sale for a limited time to the public. To purchase the items, visit; https://www.bonfire.com/trevor/

Trevor is all set to host music’s biggest night on Sunday. To see a sneak peak of what he has in store, watch the clip below from his interview with fellow talk show host James Corden.