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Peeing on a stick to determine whether or not you are carrying a human life is the single most life-changing experience for any woman.

For moms that have been trying for a while, every month requires a new pregnancy test.

Conversations around what happens to the plastic tests have led two women to develop flushable and biodegradable pregnancy tests.

South African moms weighed in on what they do with their pregnancy tests after they receive the results.

Memorabilia item

It seems like there are high levels of sentimentality attached to pregnancy tests. Debbie has kept her daughter’s positive pregnancy test for 24 years! A lot of moms have kept positive pregnancy tests to remind them of how far they have come, and the memory of finding out about their little ones.

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Michelle has created a memory box for her kids, and it keeps all the tests, the milk teeth, and all the other firsts. “When I look in the memory box, brings back memories of special moments,” she says.

Privacy concerns

Confidentiality is a big part of taking a pregnancy test, where moms purchase it without anyone knowing, and would not want to disclose the results. This is especially the case for moms that are trying for a child, and keep getting a negative test.

Privacy is a big part of the company that produced the eco-friendly pregnancy test.  Lia was co-founded by Bethany Edwards and Anna Couturier. Their tagline is “99.9 % accurate, 0% plastic, 100% your business.”


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Most moms try and hide the test after it indicates what the results are. A pregnancy result is a lot to take in, whether positive or negative. Women would prefer to process the results before telling their partners or anyone else.

When placed in a place where everyone can find it, moms would be expected to explain earlier than they are ready to.

Pregnancy tests and infertility

Women that are confronting infertility issues do not want a constant reminder of another negative result.

A couple that has been trying to have a baby for 12-months unsuccessfully is considered infertile. When attempts are made to fall pregnant, every month requires a new test, and for many families, the test comes back negative.

Lerato* took a pregnancy test every month for nine months while trying for her first child. She threw away every test.

The traditional plastic pregnancy test has not been updated in over 30-years and continues to contribute to plastic that pollutes the world. Speaking to Forbes, Edwards says “if you think about it, a pregnancy test is only used for a few minutes but then sits in landfills for decades.” She says “we realised that there was something to do about the temporality of the product.”

Some women, however, prefer to keep the tests as a reminder of how come they have come in their fertility journey.


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Different strokes for different, but it is equally refreshing that women have options when taking a pregnancy test.



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