Chad le Clos is single and loving it.

The 20-year-old swimming sensation has received celebrity status following his recent Olympic stint which rocketed him to instant stardom.

“I was not prepared for this, I’m just a normal guy living a normal life,” said Chad of his newfound fame. “I have to admit though, I am enjoying the attention from the female population.â?

A now household name, following his win of a gold medal in the 200metre butterfly over World Champion and his long-time idol Michael Phelps at the recent London Olympics, Chad also took gold in the Google search results with the popular search engine listed him amongst the country’s top-ranking searches on their application Insights.  

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Speaking of relationships – Chad is not in one

“I can be very easygoing and fun but I’ve just not had a lot of time to have much of a social life,” said Chad.

His boyish charm will definitely score him points with the ladies. “I love beautiful women…No wait, I love all women but I do appreciate the beauty of a woman,” Chad says cheekily.

The two most important women in his life are ‘undoubtedly’ his mother Geraldine le Clos and his older sister Bianca Matos. Geraldine is a breast cancer survivor and has made a remarkable recovery since her diagnosis a few years ago. “She is the strongest person I know; she has the will to survive and conquer,” said Chad.

His sister, as crazy as she may seem, is the kindest person in the world as well as his number one fan, said Chad. Bianca facilitated her brotherâ??s ‘hero’s welcome’ at Durban’s King Shaka International Airport where almost 1 000 people – including relatives, friends and fans gathered to congratulate the young swimmer.

Said Chad; â??It was the most touching moment being surrounded by ordinary South Africans who wished me well and pledged their ongoing support.â?

Since then, Chad has had no problem being recognised whenever he ventures out of his Pinetown family home.

With his golden locks, Kodak smile and his now infamous swimmerâ??s bod, Chad stands out in the crowd. To top that, he drives a sponsored VW Cabriolet with his name emblazoned across it. His fans have literally stopped traffic to wave and chat to their Olympic hero.

“I get stopped by other motorists as well as by street children who literally go crazy when they see me; it has been the most awesome experience,â? he said.

Chad has also developed a large female fan base of young and old from, not only his home country, but from around the world. His loves to retweet their ramblings from his official Twitter account which has over 70 000 followers. He says: â??Itâ??s really flattering but I just have a good laugh about it.â?

Chad has recently been in the spotlight for accepting Gauteng high-school student Melanie Olhaus’s request to be her Matric Dance partner. 

Admitting to have received ‘countless’ invites whilst at the Olympics, Chad made a vow to accept the first offer he received upon his return home. “And there she (Olhaus) was standing with her brightly coloured poster for the world to see,â? he said.

Apart from appearing on posters in every teenage girl’s bedroom, 2012 will be a very busy year for Chad.

He will be participating in the 2012 FINA World Short Course Championships in Turkey later this year as well the Long Course Championships set to take place in Spain in 2013.   He will also undergo gruelling training for his participation at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland.

A tip for the single women vying for his attention: he loves his family and the outdoors, as well as surfing Durban’s waves. He also loves babies and puppies.

And whilst Chad may be only a little over the legal age for now, it will be most acceptable for women from around the world to check out this homegrown eye-candy come Olympics 2016.