Killer, fashion, killer heels, killer style are terms casually used to describe great style and fashion. But fashion can be killer- as in lethal

As far back as the beginning of history, people have been knowingly and unknowingly putting their lives at risk to look better or stay on-trend. Here are 5 times killer trends actually ended in death. 

Death by broken nail

A 49-year-old mother of two from Tyler, Texas, was found dead a little over a week after a visit to a nail salon to have a broken nail fixed, in 2019. 

Her family made claims on Facebook and other social media platforms calling for the nail salon where they suspect she got a staph infection. 

A police investigation cleared the nail salon of the woman’s murder, but CBS reported that the salon had been fined by the state of Texas for the salons ‘treatment’ of the deceased woman’s injured nail.

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Hair extensions to die for

There are many urban legends about women dying from hair extensions that are too tight, worn so long they become infested with vermin, or cause mysterious death because they were taken off a corpse. 

However, pathologists told The Daily Mail that there is a very real reason to fear hair extensions. 

According to pathologists, between ten to twenty women die annually in the UK from a severe allergic reaction to hair extension glue. 

A 34-year-old woman in London collapsed and soon died after a night of clubbing in 2012. 

Atasha Graham had reportedly been wearing hair extensions for 14 years without incident when she suddenly died.

Her last birthday present

A tongue piercing is a bold statement of personal style and taste. It’s one of those things you either love or hate. 

Amanda Taylor loved the idea of getting her tongue pierced. She gathered her courage and decided to get one for her 34th birthday. 

She died less than 48 hours later on the living room floor of her home in Cardiff, in the UK.

According to The Daily Mail, Amanda was excited to have her tongue pierced and had it done not far from her home. The next day her tongue was swollen and sore. Her doctor, thinking she had tonsillitis prescribed her a dose of antibiotics but, she still felt unwell and died the next evening at home. 

A first post mortem found that she had septicaemia and bronchial pneumonia, but a more detailed report into her death found that she had blood poisoning, which caused her death.


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