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Baked oats is nothing new. It’s a yummy breakfast treat that’s almost like eating cake for breakfast… almost.

Tiko Tokers have given good old fashioned baked oats a makeover that makes practically breakfast cake that is actually good for you.

Why oats is good for you

Raw (not processed) oats are one of the most nutritious breakfast foods you can have. Oats is rich in fibre, magnesium, manganese, B vitamins iron, and other vitamins and minerals.
Oats is also very filling without piling on the calories, which makes it a great weight loss breakfast too.
As if we were worried about being bored with oats (which you really can’t be because it’s so versatile). Tik Tok has given us another yummy way to eat oats. It’s so good, we could even have it as a dessert and, even has it’s own Tik Tok page

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Baked oats get a makeover

Baked oats are traditionally made with oat grains, milk, seeds and fruits (for flavour) and sometimes eggs.

Berry Baked Oats recipe


The ingredients are mixed and baked in the oven instead of cooked on the stove to make a dense, cakey bake you can eat as is or with more milk or yoghurt.
The new and improved baked oats is not just cakey- it is cake. Baked with oats flour instead of ordinary cake flour. It has all the goodness of oats and all the texture of cake.

Yumna the feel-good foodie’s new and improved baked oats recipe

We love this new take on baked oats not only because it looks and tastes like cake, but also because it’s quick and easy enough to make in during the workweek too.


fruity oats bowl

Fruity oats breakfast bowl recipe

This oats bowl with a difference offers a quick and easy twist on the traditional breakfast oats. Change it up to include your favourite fruits or whatever is in season to keep things fresh.

Blueberry Oatmeal Bites recipe

Rich in fibre from the oats, potassium from the bananas and antioxidants from the blueberries these blueberry oats bites are a win for you and your child. 

Crustless mini quiche recipe

Many of us will not be able to leave our children. Picnics are a fabulous way to entertain the whole family and with these crustless mini quiches, you won’t even have to worry about picking up the crumbs

Easy pancakes to make with your kids at home

This fun and super easy pancake recipe is perfect for breakfast on the gloomy weather days.

Fruit smoothies with strawberry, blueberry and banana in jar with handle on wooden background

Strawberry banana smoothie recipe

Fruit smoothies are a healthier alternative to cold drinks and sweetened juices, and even more delicious.