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There is nothing as thrilling as having a mini version of you, mom.

“Daughters are the little broke best friend every mom needs”, but the thrill is not always as exciting.

South African moms have shared what it looks like to be a girl mom, sharing how their child’s development looks like in their homes. During their toddler years, children start displaying an inclination towards independence. This means that they become very selective with things, including food, friends, toys, and clothes.

The “multiple outfits per day” is one quirk known by many moms! With little versions of themselves running around, painting a picture of what they were possibly up to when they were at that age. Having a daughter feels like “payback” for grans! In fact, that’s exactly what Anathi says, “My daughter has my sass and attitude, my mom says it’s payback!”

“My daughter changes into a new dress every day when she comes back from crèche,” Ntshepeng says.

As they grow older, children find it crucial to assert their individuality and have control over certain aspects of their environment. For about three-years, mommy and daddy made decisions for them. Now, it’s their time to decide what to wear, and when to wear it.

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This assertion can become a tad dramatic, depending on your child’s personality. Nwabisa’s four-year-old daughter “will strip naked and run down the side of the house because she got reprimanded for something then when she gets dressed again, she puts on a different outfit.”

On the lighter side, 3-year-old Tshimoloho randomly asks her mom to take off her current clothes. With a curiosity about where this will lead, mom takes off her clothes and Tshimoloho comes back with a different outfit on. No motivation for the outfit change and no explanation to follow. Everyone simply has to move on with life and ask no questions.

Girl children change outfits multiple times a day.
Daughters changing outfits multiple times a day. Copyright : Olga Yastremska (

But, don’t forget to compliment how good she looks in the dress you just washed and ironed. Girls love compliments.

Jayee has lost count of how many times her 8-year-old daughter changes in a day. “She no longer wants to wear trousers or pants because she says it’s for boys.” Dresses are a girl’s best friends, even to the detriment of mom and dad’s bank account.

Lilliana and her four-year-old daughter are going shop shopping soon for new outfits. “Nothing in her wardrobe is nice enough, big enough, small enough, red, blue, pink or green enough, or comfy enough.”

These are the typical woes of parenting a girl; trying on different outfits first before she can choose the one she wants. At times, none of them are right.

The attitude does not make it any better.

Do you know how emotional moms can get when things are not going their way? Girls usually channel similar energy to cause tantrums or justify why the outfit you chose is not good enough for them. If not, you will have to explain why that dress, over the pink tutu dress and rain boots. Why?

Even so, their sassiness and individuality, when channelled correctly, become an admirable trait for any girl to have. Sam believes that if they keep it up “our girls will run the world.”



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