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We’ve all heard about how bad fizzy drinks are for our teeth. For 25-year-old Victoria Nowakowski who lost 14 teeth because of her cool drink addiction and bad dental hygiene, it isn’t just something she has heard

Taking to Tik Tok Victoria warned other cool drink lovers about the not so cool effects cool drink can have on your teeth and highlighted the importance of dental hygiene in the hopes of saving the teeth of people living a similar lifestyle like hers. 

Why soda is terrible for your teeth

Cool drink or soda is terrible for your teeth because of both the high sugar content and the acid it contains. 

According to ProDent Care, the sugar in the cool drink and the acid independently work to destroy your tooth enamel and cause tooth decay. 

The sugar in the drinks encourages bacteria growth and decay while the acid destroys the teeth’s natural protective coating making them more vulnerable to decay, discolouration and cavities. 

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How Victoria destroyed her teeth

In just 5 years, Victoria went from having healthy teeth to being told by her dentist that all her top teeth had to be removed.

During those 5 years, Victoria told The New York Post that she drank cooldrink all day, every day and neglected to brush her teeth often. 

She also started smoking and admits she build a perfect home for bacteria in her mouth. 

After she was told she would need dentures, Victoria says she was afraid and did not take the dentist up on his suggest then. Instead, she waited. Her teeth deteriorated further and were breaking off in her mouth by the time she was fitted with dentures. 


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Is carbonated water also bad for teeth?

A study done on the effects of sparkling water on the teeth showed that the water had no effect on the teeth’s enamel and behaved a lot like normal tap water, flavoured and sugared sparkling water is not the same or as benign.  

While the process to get it ‘sparkling’ does not make it as acidic as cooldrink, these high sugar drinks do not have the same effect on the body as drinking water. 


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