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As a mom to a toddler, Julia Anastasopoulos had a thrill writing and creating relatable and hilarious content about being a mom with Tali’s Baby Diary

South Africa got to ride with Tali Babes as she journeyed down the aisle in 2016. With season two of Tali’s fabulous Cape Town life airing on Showmax, Mzansi gets to travel with her to the labour ward.

South African actress, comedian and all-round star Julia Anastasopoulos knows that path all too well.

Almost three years ago, she became a mom to Zoe. Her healthy pregnancy experience was a big source of the satirical content that has now become one of the best TV shows in SA for 2021 so far.

According to her, the show was “an opportunity to go through the experience in real life and on TV.”

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Her husband Ari Kruger wrote and directed the show with her, and together they sourced inspiration from their parenting journey.

For Julia, having been in the situation has been key for the creation of the series

“Tali is a light and fun character,” Julia says. She is now navigating what Julia describes as an experience that is “hard on the body.”

The loved and relatable show follows Tali as she enters the mom-fluencer market and puts the rest to shame.



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Tali’s self-indulgent social media obsession provides the platform for some of the funniest content you have ever seen.

“A look at Tali and her struggles is equally a look at ourselves,” Julia adds.

Tali is a spoilt and privileged woman and Julia believes audiences can relate to that. It is comedic but reflects a lot of societal truths.

According to the writer, “the funniest comedy is the comedy that is based on truth.”

Being a mom in the age of social media adds to the challenge motherhood already is. Julia sees the beauty social media has to offer but also considers it “overwhelming and confusing.” Like many people across the world, she has a love-hate relationship with social media.

Social media has the power of drawing in an inaccurate picture of motherhood. Julia believes that this contributes to the pressure moms place on themselves when fulfilling their societal roles.

When Zoe was 6 months old, Julia shared her honest thoughts about how social media’s depiction of motherhood.

“But in the interest of keeping it real, I just wanted to say that yes I am managing the mommying and yes I am doing a bit of work here and there, BUT for the most part I am spending 24 hours a day with a needy, teething, 6-month-old whose latest development is biting my nipples and crying when I put her down or leave the room.”



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Julia’s advise to working moms

To working moms, she advises that “you can’t do everything you have to.”

Moms usually think they can when they see other moms who look like they have it all together.

Julia’s previous post was inspired by someone that asked her how she does it all. On her Instagram, she looked like she had everything figured out but just happened to take a beautiful picture during the one-minute she had a gap to even pose for one.

“Doing it all takes a lot from us,” Julia shares. Self-kindness and picking a struggle are amongst her top tips for making it work and remaining sane. “On some days, you might need to choose to just stay home and tend to a sick child over choosing to work, and that’s okay.” Just surrender.

Julia’s current sources of good humour are her show and a creché student that has funny school stories to tell mommy during their chats.

You can catch the first four episodes of Tali’s Baby Diary on Showmax, and the rest of the show on the 12th of March.