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Yoni pearls and vaginal detox products have taken the world of social media by storm…

Countless sellers and distributors, all with success stories of miraculously cured PMS symptoms, smelly discharge alleviated and even vaginal tightening and improved fertility achieved in a matter of days.

Although gynaecologists have stressed that there is no need for vaginal detoxes, putting herbs into the vagina could actually do more harm than good. Drawn by the positive testimonies millions of women around the world have at least tried yoni pearls with many swearing by their effects. 

American online company Goddess detox recently came under fire for making claims they could not substantiate. They were also accused of using an ingredient in their detox pearls that are known to be toxic. 

This highlighted a concern around pregnancy and whether yoni pearls could cause miscarriages.

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Yoni pearls are controversial
Yoni pearls are controversial (Image source:

Why would you use a yoni detox during pregnancy?

Yoni detox pearls and steams come with the claim of improved fertility and vaginal cleansing. However, that is disputed by gynaecologists.

According to Healthline, women have also been using detox pearls to prepare for childbirth to ‘cleanse the vaginal canal’. Although there have been no reports of miscarriages caused by this or the use of yoni pearls during pregnancy. Gynaecologists and even many sellers of yoni pearls agree they should not be used during pregnancy. 

Gynaecologists and even many sellers of yoni pearls agree they should not be used during pregnancy. 

Why are yoni pearls harmful?

According to Harvard Medical School, there is never any need to detox or cleanse the vagina because it naturally cleanses itself. 

The combination of herbs used in vaginal steams and detox pearls can vary from one brand to another. 

While vaginal pearls have not been reported as the direct cause of miscarriages, they have been linked to increased risk of vaginal infections, Toxic shock syndrome, and inflammation of the pelvis which could contribute to miscarriages.


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