One of the many things the pandemic and lockdown has taught us (most of us) is the importance of being able to make your own good food

When restaurants had shut down, grocery stores weren’t serving hot food and out kitchens became the nearest fast food outlets the wheat was definitely separated from the chaff.

The McCain Master Class allows you to be armed ready and prepared to throw down in the kitchen like a pro because you’re taught by a pro with ingredients you can easily get from the store and convenience you can count on for gourmet-style meals in the middle of the week.

During the year, consumers will be invited to participate in McCain’s virtual masterclasses from the comfort of their kitchen, and get the inspiration they need to reach new heights in the kitchen.

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Cooking with Chef Zanele and J’Something

Cooking live on Zoom is an extreme sport, even though Chef Zanele made it super easy, it was better for me to take notes and cook at my own pace.

I love the tips she threw out to make it easy to alter the recipe to suit your tastes and make things doable for the untrained home cook.

Chef Zanele’s Chicken Stir-fry Tortilla Recipe


●2 ½ cups flour
●1 teaspoon salt
●1 teaspoon baking powder
●¾ cup of water
●¼ cup oil
●1 tablespoon dry parsley

Chicken Stir Fry
●2 chicken fillets, cut into strips
●10ml chicken spice
●5ml Oil
●1 small onion, diced
●2 cups McCain Hawaiian Stir Fry
●15ml Cream Cheese

Sweet and Sour Sauce
●½ cup of sugar
●½ cup lemon juice
●4 garlic cloves, minced
●1 tablespoon dry chilli flakes
●1 teaspoon paprika
●Salt and pepper


In a mixing bowl, sift flour and baking powder.
Add salt, oil, water and dried parsley.
Knead using your hand until it’s mixed well.
It must be a round ball and divide into eight portions.
On a flat surface, sprinkle flour. Shape into balls, and place on the floured surface flatten slightly with a rolling pin.
Heat a non-stick pan on medium heat.
Cook until it starts to develop bubbles, then turn it over.
Stack cooked tortillas and wrap them in a clean kitchen towel. This will keep them moist and warm.

Chicken Stir Fry
Season chicken with chicken spice.
In a pan, heat oil and fry chicken strips until cooked. In the same pan, fry onion and McCain Hawaiian Stir Fry from frozen.

Sweet and Sour Sauce
In a separate pan, on low heat, add sugar, lemon juice, garlic cloves, dry chilli flakes, paprika and season with salt and pepper.
Let it simmer and reduce.
Turn off the heat.

Place tortillas on a flat surface then spread cream cheese at the edge. Now place the stir fry mix in the middle, drizzle the sweet and sour sauce, fold and close the tortilla.

chicken stir fry
chicken stir fry

We made some adjustments

Tortillas and chicken stir-fry are both regulars on our menu, separately. We loved Chef Zanele’s idea to bring them together. Why didn’t I think of that?

I have my very own tortilla recipe, which is a little bit more work than Chef Zanele’s but makes me feel like I’ve done my bit to make good food a little bit healthier for my family.

I use less water, less flour and add pureed white beans to the tortilla recipe. This doesn’t change the taste or the texture but gives your wraps extra protein and fibre.

I also added honey to the chicken seasoning for a bit of sweetness and some lemon because I read somewhere it tenderises chicken breasts.

I wasn’t too keen on sugar for the stir fry sauce so we used date syrup which is a little bitter and liquorice-like but makes an excellent savoury sauce with a punch of chillies, ginger and garlic.



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