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Finding good spots to hide your favourite snacks from kids is key.In case no one told you: As a mom, you will never enjoy your favourite snacks in peace ever again.

In some cases, your children might even refuse to eat from their own plate. Your food might be a lot more enticing than the same food on her plate. Food is a big subject in any family home. If your kids are not choosy, they are putting everything in their mouths, including your food.

So here are two of the funniest and effective hacks moms have devised to enjoy their favourite food without their children suspecting a thing.

Hide them in the mixed vegetable bag

If your children randomly go through the freezer for vegetables instead of ice-cream, then your stars have aligned. For the rest of the moms, the chances of your kids finding your chocolate in the mixed vegetable bag are slim to none. The cupboard is a terrible place to keep your snacks with the level of curiosity children have.

This is one of the most famous ways to hide the snacks, with one mom on Facebook saying “vegetable drawer in the bottom of the fridge – is the last page my family will ever look, I’ve been hiding my stuff there for years.”

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Posted by Kim’s Chance on Wednesday, April 22, 2020


Pretend to be eating a piece of lettuce

For the family with children that won’t come rushing for a bite of lettuce, hiding a piece of snack with a lettuce leaf works wonders.

The season of hiding candy (and ice cream) from your kids is here. Where’s your favorite place to stash your snacks?

Posted by Munchkin on Friday, October 16, 2020




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