On Friday morning, 26 February, on her way to work, Johannesburg resident Ria Erasmus was driving on the William Nicol and N1 offramp just before 7am when a suspect began striking her front passenger window, attempting to enter her vehicle.

“I knew instantly that it was an attempted smash and grab,” Erasmus says. “The thug took the opportunity while I was waiting for the robot to change. He hit my window five or six times. Fortunately, the window didn’t break altogether.”

It was at that moment that she saw, through her rear-view mirror, the driver of the vehicle behind her jumping out of his car to her aid.

“He shouted and approached my car, forcing the robber to run away,” Erasmus recalls.

“I continued driving, but the man who had jumped to my rescue drove past me and indicated that I should pull off at a petrol station.”

“He and the lady that was with him checked that I was all right and said that I should follow him to the Douglasdale police station, where they checked on me again before continuing on their way to work. His actions may have saved me from serious injury or trauma,” she adds.

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The hero turned out to be Jean Haarhoff from Supa Quick Fourways, located near Fourways Crossing.

“When I saw the suspect attacking the lady driving by herself, I couldn’t sit still,” says Haarhoff.

“I have personal experience with this kind of situation, as soon as I saw the man hitting her window I immediately jumped out of my car and headed in his direction. When he saw me coming, he ran away, enabling Ria to drive off. I could see she was really shaken by the incident. My job revolves around customer safety, so it was an instinctive reaction that prompted me to jump to her aid”.

Jean Haarhoff - Supa Quick employee who helped foil a smash and grab incident
Jean Haarhoff – Supa Quick employee who helped foil a smash and grab incident
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