We won’t pretend we needed the help of Aunty Google to know who Nonkanyiso Conco is. She is all the glamour and drama we knew she would be and a whole lot more!

A traditional Glamazon

She may have come into the spotlight for one reason, but she’s one of our favourites for reasons other than who her baby daddy/ fiance/ possibly husband is. LaConco is all the traditional glamour we need!

You don’t need to wear the heels

We witnessed seasoned stiletto wearers like Ayanda being stuck in their seats all night because of their shoe choice, but you’ll never see our new fave caught in that trap.

While sophisticated and stylish, Laconco is still practical and smart enough to know that even the most beautiful pair of stilettos can ruin an evening when they aren’t comfortable enough to walk in!

Umemulo and the inevitable Ayanda Ncwane drama

It seems hard for Ayanda to attend an event (or not) and not make it all about her. Her late arrival for a traditional umemulo ceremony hosted by LaConco was expected. Her refusal to eat the food was not.

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She posed with the plate in her hand, then finally, gave in to the ladies pestering and explained herself. She had seen people close to her poisoned (and suspected that was how her late husband had died), so she did not eat food that was dished up for her specifically and handed to her.

While LaConco, who is her friend, did not seem offended by Ayanda’s fears, Kgomotso was touched.

Can the housewives ever just be friends?

Although she plays it cool and keeps flashing her gorgeous dimples LaConco and Ayanda’s friendship might not be able to weather the storms.

In one of her diary sessions, LaConco stated matter-of-factly that she felt her friendship with Ayanda was one-sided, and Ayanda wasn’t pulling her weight.

This might be why she enjoyed Kgomotso’s very strange performance at the celebration of Anne’s salon’s first anniversary.

Mocking Ayanda’s behaviour at LaConco’s event, Kgomotso refused to drink champagne that wasn’t opened in front of her because it might just be poisoned.

She carried the joke for so long it didn’t seem she was joking at all, making Anne and Sorisha feel very uncomfortable.

Not sure what cattiness has gotten into Kgomotso, but it is not pretty at all.



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