Former Miss World Rolene Strauss recalls an incident where she was asked to wear something she didn’t feel comfortable in, and how the “horrible experience” taught her an invaluable lesson…

The mom of two and avid YouTuber, who hails herself as a ‘transformative coach’, shared a video with her followers on how important – and hard – it is to say ‘No’ to others.

“Who else is afraid they might seem rude when saying no? I know EXACTLY how you feel. Those who know me will know,” she posted on Instagram

But the brunette beauty has claimed that saying ‘No’ is an integral part of self-worth.

“I’m passionate about enabling women to take control and become the queens of their own lives,” she added.

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Rolene recounted her own struggles with saying ‘No’, recalling an incident during her Miss World reign in 2015, where she was asked to wear clothes that made her feel uncomfortable during a photoshoot

“I knew that this is not who I am, this is not my brand, and that I would hurt my brand if I wear this clothing on the cover of the magazine.

Unfortunately Rolene did NOT say no to her wardrobe concerns, a decision she later regretted.

“There I was wearing the clothes I didn’t want to wear, doing the pose I didn’t want to do…this was a really horrible experience” she said

The incident taught her an invaluable lesson, however; “Whenever I say ‘No’ to something, I indirectly say ‘Yes’ to something else”.

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Rolene has been sharing a number of motivational videos on YouTube, encouraging her followers to live their best lives; from parenting, money and career advice to fashion and beauty tips.

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