Last updated on Jun 10th, 2021 at 06:39 pm

It was discovery like no other when a DNA test proved that two friends and colleagues were in fact blood sisters…

Biological sisters Cassandra Madison and Julia Tinetti first met at a restaurant they both worked at in Connecticut in the US in 2013. They had an immediate connection and bonded over a tattoo Madison had of the Dominican flag.

Incredibly, the pair later discovered that both of them were adopted from the Dominican Republic.

Their relationship flourished from then on – They would dress the same and even referred to each other as “sister” not knowing that they were in fact biological sisters!

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“We had an event that we went to that we dressed alike – our socks matched, our sneakers matched, our sunglasses matched our shorts were black – she made us tank tops that said that she was the big sister and I was the little sister,” Tinetti said in an interview with CNN. “We kind of just went with it like as a joke. It was not serious at all.”

According to CNN, Madison moved to Virginia two years later and the pair stayed in touch, but a curious Madison needed to know more about where she came from – Tinetti on the other hand was content with the life she’d been given.

Seven biological siblings still live in the Dominican Republic

On further investigation, and finding her biological father, in 2021 Madison learnt that of the nine children her biological parents had, two were given up for adoption for financial reasons and seven remained in the Dominican Republic.

Mindblown, Madison drove to Connecticut to get a DNA test done with Tinetti late in January, which would eventually prove what she’s suspected, they were in fact sisters by blood, with the same parents.

“Fast forward to 2021 and I ask my dad if he gave up another baby he says yes! I’m buggin out, omg there’s one more sibling!!!  I jump in my car last minute and drove to CT to get her to do 23andme and the results came back yesterday. WE ARE SISTERS ! Same mom, same dad ! Just two girls who happen to work together find out they’re sisters. I love you twin,” wrote Madison in a post on Facebook.


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