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Do you remember being chased by your parents for bath time after a day of fun and games at the playground with your friends?

  • Or, that moment when you spent countless hours in the bath dreading the thought of school because it was your turn to present to the class and public speaking was your biggest nightmare?
  • Or the funny bubble-bath beards you made to mimic granddad and Santa at the end of the day before bedtime.
  • What about the crazy moments and panic when one family member has lost track of time and is having their 15 minutes of fame singing at the top of their lungs to the showerhead?

These are moments that are forever engrained in us and make up our everyday lives. One constant in these unforgettable moments is Cobra, always being there.

Bath and shower times are the perfect escape to wonderland

It is the ideal time to channel your inner child and we all know how shower or bath time has always been a special and sacred time of the day. It is seen as the perfect out of body experience, escaping reality and submersing oneself in the ultimate fantasy.

As a result of the connotations surrounding it, it is easy to see why any time of the year is the perfect moment to have a peaceful, soothing, and heartwarming bathroom escape.

Cobra is synonymous with blissful bath and shower experiences and their “Here For You” campaign aligns perfectly with the sentiments of little moments, big feelings.

With the introduction of Cobra’s Spectra range, one can “Escape to the Tropics” and set the mood for unforgettable memories under one of their showerheads.

Innovative Spectra range

The Spectra range with its innovative design cues and state-of-the-art technological features offers showerheads tailored to your every sensory need.

Although each model boasts features unlike the next, one can be rest assured of the multiple spray patterns option across the board being a key high point of the Spectra range.

These spray patterns include – drench for full body coverage, jet spray for targeted coverage, powerwash for sweeping coverage, massage for pulsating coverage and sensitive for gentle and soothing coverage. But that is not all, the innovative Cobra Spectra eTouch; has an easy-to-use wall-mounted Bluetooth remote, allowing for a change in the showerhead spray patterns with mere touch of a button.

One can effortlessly customize and have a different shower experience every day of the week with the Spectra range, so why not shake things up with that perfect bathroom escape. Memories are everlasting and thus it only makes sense to pull out all the stops at every opportunity and take your perfect escape” under a Spectra Showerhead from Cobra.

The ultimate wonderland and memorable bathroom escapes set the tone for the days to come, and to get some tips on how to create these little moments with big feelings, check out the Cobra Not Another Brochure and Virtual Showroom for inspiration.

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The Cobra Spectra eTouch shower features an easy to use wall mounted eTouch remote, which allows you to change the spray pattern with a touch of the button. That means there is no need to stretch or get shampoo/soap in your eyes trying to change the spray patterns.