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In Tali’s Baby Diary, an unexpected pregnancy forces Tali (Julia Anastasopoulos, aka SuzelleDIY) into a desperate pivot from Insta-influencer to wholesome momfluencer.

This season sees some fantastic new faces on the show including Coconut Kelz and Danny K!

Siv Ngesi is also part of the cast together with rising star Shamilla Miller along with some real South African momfluencers and Insta personalities.

Viewers are loving the show so far – four episodes are currently available on Showmax. Critic Thinus Ferreira hailed Tali’s Baby Diary as “the best South African TV show of 2021 so far, and 100% guaranteed to make you literally laugh out loud.”

Coconut Kelz is part of the new season
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What the actual?

In the hilarious mockumentary, an unexpected pregnancy forces Tali to become a wholesome momfluencer as Darren (Anton Taylor) and Rael (Glen Biderman-Pam) navigate the choppy waters of the Cape Town property game. But as the nine-month clock ticks down, Tali and the boys are forced to face the bigger questions about life, love and parenthood.

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Tali’s Baby Diary – all the drama.
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Weirder and wilder

“Season 2 is definitely weirder and wilder than Season 1,” says Julia, who is married to co-creator Ari Kruger, the winner of Best Director at the SAFTAs for Tali’s Wedding Diary.

“I joke about the fact that I’m glad that we got married before having a baby because the wedding just becomes so obsolete – it’s so distant in my memory, I can’t believe it was such a big thing in my life. It was just twenty-four hours, and having a baby is a totally different ball game.”

Having a baby was always going to feed Tali’s crazy. “I mean, it fed my crazy,” Julia laughs.

Watch the trailer:


Rewatch Tali’s Wedding Diary on Showmax here.