Priyanka Chopra thinks people within the South Asian community pick on her “for no reason”.

The 38-year-old star has enjoyed success in Bollywood and Hollywood, but Priyanka believes there is a “sense of cynicism” among some people within the community.

Priyanka – who was born in Jamshedpur in India – reflected: “I do notice a sense of protectiveness from a lot of people but also a sense of cynicism from a lot of people and a sense of negativity from a lot of people. Picking on me for no reason.

“I was talking about this to Mindy [Kaling] a couple of months ago. We were talking about, ‘Why is it that you get so much negativity from your own community?’

“Very few brown people are in the entertainment business, you can count us on your fingers. We’re trying to create more opportunity for people like us so why is there so much negativity for us?

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“When I started working in Hollywood I realised it’s not normal to people’s consciousness that a leading man or woman can be Indian in a mainstream Hollywood show.”

The ‘Baywatch’ star confessed to feeling “disheartened and discouraged” by some of the negativity she’s encountered.

She told the ‘Beyond Bollywood’ podcast: “I’ve started noticing the difference between fans who know me and are protective of me and they are the wind beneath my wings. I also feel disheartened and discouraged by the other side.”

Priyanka thinks she finds herself in a “no-win situation” if she speaks about contentious issues.

The movie star – who is married to Nick Jonas – said: “You have to realise, the position that I find myself in is a no-win situation. When you speak, you become dinner table conversation.

“There’s no point in discussing things that are not crucial enough. Second, I am a public person, I am an actor, but my job is not dependent on people’s opinions.

“I have to focus on my work and be good at it and hope that people will enjoy it. I appreciate the support I have got but [I will not] go head on with people whose job is only to create toxicity.”




Author: BANG Showbiz