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It is a well-known fact that what you eat could either make you live a longer, healthier life of a shorter life plagued with illness

A study by the American Heart Association found that eating 5 fruits and vegetables, specifically two fruits and three vegetables a day could considerably increase the number of healthy years you live. 

Not all fruit and veg are made equal

According to the study, people who have a diet rich in fruit and vegetables are less likely to suffer from chronic diseases. They are more likely to be in better health than those who do not. However, the types of fruit and vegetables eaten also influenced the level of good health people enjoyed. 

Healthline reports that green leafy vegetables offer more health benefits than starchy or sweet vegetables like potatoes and peas, which have less nutritional value. 

Eating raw fruit and vegetables boosts mental health

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Skip the juice

Although juicing does in some respects count as a serving of fruit and veg, juices lack the fibre of actual fruits and vegetables, making it less effective. 

The study by the American Heart Association found that juices do not affect the health and long life of participants.

WebMD, says fruit juice can contribute beneficial nutrients, however, it can be more harmful than good because even 100% pure fruit juice is high in sugar, and the calories in each serving can quickly add up.

More fruit and veg should mean a longer life

Although other studies have found that more fruit and veg in your diet meant you could be even healthier, the American Heart Association found that eating more fruit and veg than the recommended 5 a day made no changes to the health and longevity of the studies participants. 

A study done by The Imperial College London found that while eating 5 servings of fruit and vegetables as suggested by The World Health Organisation was beneficial to your health, 10 servings had even more benefits. 


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