Prepare your tissues for the sweetest audition you will ever see from this 19-year-old and her mother.

Singing One night only from the movie Dreamgirls beautifully, Ronda Felton brought Lionel Richie to tears. Tears started falling when young Ronda told her life story with her mom. The two have been through hell and back together, from being homeless, shacking on people’s couches, and moving from place to place for survival.

“We moved around a lot. By the time I hit high school, I had been to over 12, 15 different schools,” Ronda shares with American Idol’s host Ryan Seacrest. Her mom Juritha Jones raised her singlehandedly and keeps teaching her to “never stop fighting.”



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After getting her third and final “YES” from judge Luke Bryan, without a second thought, she rushed to go grab her mother. They celebrated her “crack in the wall” by singing Juritha’s favourite The Commodores song, The Zoom.

Singing their favourite song with Lionel Richie is a mother and daughter moment they will cherish forever.